Dramatically increase your floral and giftware sales.

Build a larger & more loyal client base.

Differentiate your florist shop from your competition.

100% DFY! No work for you or your staff.

Capture sales that you might otherwise miss.

You’ll regularly connect with your customers and increase your sales simply by staying top-of-mind with them for their special occasion.

Your clients and prospective clients will appreciate these gentle reminders of their special day which increases loyalty to your shop.

Offering this FREE service to your customers allows you to stand out from your competition.

We designed FlowerShopDFY so you can focus on what you love – preparing beautiful arrangements for your customers.

Your clients have other options to celebrate their special day. Offering FlowerShopDFY reminds them that you can provide an appropriate gift at the very moment they realize they need it.

We Use Text Messaging to Connect You to Your Customers

Why is this form of communication so powerful?



45% vs. 6%

90 seconds

Percent of customers who wish they could text message with a business.

Your Benefit:
You’re using your customer’s preferred method of communication.


Average Open Rate of Text Messages

Your Benefit:
Text messaging is personal.  No other form of communication has this high an open rate. 

Text message response rate vs. email response rate.

Your Benefit:
Text messaging is 6-8x’s more effective than email in getting responses.

Response time to a text message.

Your Benefit:
Average response time to an email is over 90 minutes…and many times, no response at all.



We've been using FlowerShopDFY for about 4 months, and we've already signed up over 200 customers. The best part has been that we've gained almost 60 new customers from this service. It's definitely helped to grow our business, particularly with new customers who hadn't shopped with us before.
Michael Z.
Manager & Designer - Yorktown Florist & Nursery