Hello, I’m Steve and I’m the creator of FlowerShopDFY.

Like you, I am a business owner. And probably like you, I’m always looking for effective – but affordable – solutions to attract more customers. I created FlowerShopDFY to help florists like you capture more sales, grow your customer list, and provide services that increase your profitability but are inexpensive to implement.

As a Florist you have many marketing channels available to you to promote your business online. FlowerShop DFY will be one of the most affordable services you can offer to your customers, with the highest return on your investment…making it a win-win for you and your clients.

And one of the most important benefits to your business is that FlowerShopDFY is completely DFY (as the name suggests) – done-for-you! This means we take care of all the technology, and implementation so you can focus on managing all of the new customers you’ll generate with our service. No staff to train, no added expense, no time-consuming program to try to understand.

In fact, we’ve made it literally fail-proof!

So I do hope you’ll explore our information and reach out when you’re ready to dramatically grow your sales!

To Your Success,
Steve Hassall
Owner, FlowerShopDFY



FlowerShopDFY has really allowed our business to grow beyond our expectations. This service sets us apart from our other local flower shops and our customers appreciate this little reminder so they don't forget an important occasion.
Addison N.
Owner, Blooming Bouquets